Service and Repair

Horsepower Enterprises LLC offers a wide spectrum of vehicle repair services for your classic & specialty vehicle. We understand that a special car requires special care when being serviced. Our staff is highly qualified to perform any repair needs, and we do so with the highest integrity and enthusiasm.
In addition to servicing your classic, specialty or exotic vehicles, we provide general service and maintenance to any vehicle. We are a licensed Pennsylvania Safety and Emission Inspection station.


Car Detailing

We offer full & partial detailing. Call to schedule your next clean today!

OEM Replica Parts

Missing some car parts? Our workshop has all the machines needed to recreate them.

Engine Rebuilds

Upgrade your engine or transmission here. We do complete rebuilds & repairs.

Electrical Repairs/Re-Wire

Lights, car horn, or radio not working? Bring your classic car in for our experienced mechanics to review your electrical system.

Fuel System Upgrades & Repairs

We can check, repair, or replace your fuel system if needed.

Value Your Next Car

Whether you buy online or in person, let us help you determine the value of your next car. We will travel anywhere within the United States to thoroughly go over any car and give you a proper estimate.

Private Transport and Delivery

We offer local and long distance (US only) transportation.

Premium Storage Service

Storing your car for the Winter? Our premium storage offers additional services, like Spring prepping your car so you can pick it up and drive away with confidence.

Car Storage

Our covered storage price is $159/month. Call to check availability.

Overall Performace Tune-Up

If your car is vibrating, breaks are pulsing, or you notice any fluid leaks, schedule a performance tune-up with us. We can do alignments, tire rotations, check your breaks, and top off or change any fluids.

Braking System Repairs & Upgrades

Mushy brakes? We can help with that!

PA Safety & Emission Inspection Station

We are a licensed PA Safety & Emission Inspection station.

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