1974 Pontiac Formula 400

1974 Pontiac Formula 400

This 1974 Pontiac Formula 400 is anything but stock. It features a stroker engine cranking out 467 horses, a custom red that’s as bright as humanly possible, and a ton of memories.

Recently Restored

Imagine your dad bought your first car… but he spent your money on it… and it it was destroyed inside. This is the story behind Brian Kreider’s 1974 Pontiac Formula 400. It was purchased in 1985 by his father for $1,400. At 16 Brian was looking at the Auto Locator and dreaming of what cars he wanted. He liked Camaros, Chevelles and GTOs. Not Firebirds.

However, theirs was a Pontiac and GMC family, and his dad told him he was going to keep that tradition. While Brian was at football practice, his dad and his dad’s friend took Brian’s money and went to Reading to buy the Firebird. When Brian came home from football practice the car was in the driveway.

He said it was not real nice and not what he had envisioned. The car was rusted and the interior shredded. Brian was not impressed nor was he pleased with his dad’s choice. His dad gave him the keys and said, “go drive it”. Brian said it ran pretty well so he began to change his mind about the car.

He said his dad was a practical kind of guy and a farmer and his attitude was that “we can fix it”.

He drove the car through high school and college. As he grew older and had a family the car was parked in the barn for 22 years. The last time it was inspected was 2001.

The “first car” memories turned out to be a big deal for Brian. He said that he had heard from any number of people that “I wish I had my first car, and what they think it would be worth today”. He decided in high school that this would not be his story. He knew then that he would never let the car go. He joked that “the car is the longest lasting relationship that he has ever had”.

When he brought it to Horsepower, he did not want a never-ending project, or to be one of those people who have a 15- 20-year project like so many stories. He wanted it all done, 100% so he can just enjoy it.

Now the car is done, and he can enjoy making new memories for years to come.

Let Brian tell you his story. Click the video link below!

Exterior: Custom Red
Interior: Tan Leather
Engine: 467 Stoker 512 Horse 485 ft/lb. torque
Transmission: Manual

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